“A fire outbreak can catch you offguard when least expected. Your Storage Racks are highly vulnerable to a fire outbreak.”


  • Arson
  • Increased and inaccessible heights of Storage racks
  • Open flames, embers or torches, which includes hot work activities such as Welding and cutting
  • Electrical distribution equipment such as fixed wiring, transformers & circuit breakers
  • Chemical reactions between incompatible chemicals
  • Flammable vapors coming in contact with the Hot Forklift engine
  • Hot bulb blast above the rack


  • High ceilings, condensed flock of long racks, have further challenged state of the art detection technologies to prove futile. When compared to the cost incurred to install these technologies, the returns and effectiveness has been rather dis-heartening during a real fire scenario
  • Controlling a fire in a warehouse is nothing less than a nightmare since the fire spreads quickly into adjacent racks within the humongous storage area


  • Business downtime
  • Production loss
  • Revenue loss
  • Infrastructure loss
  • Loss of human life

WEFIRE™ Solution

  • Unlike a Rack sprinkler system, WEFIRE™ system works to protect the critical assets from within. A Linear pneumatic WEFIRE™ Heat Detection Tube is routed across the storage racks without disturbing the rack inout movement. The special heat detection tube senses the heat of the fire at its insipient stage
  • The WEFIRE™ Heat Detection tube upon detection, ruptures at the hottest point forming a nozzle like opening. This activates the cylinder valves and the clean agent gas discharges through the opening directly onto the fire
  • The gas is Non-conducting, non-toxic and leaves no residue; hence does not spoil expensive electronics and mission critical servers inside