Fire Suppression Ampoule – Domestic Kitchen / Grenade

Automatic fire detection and suppression unit for household kitchen hobs; Throw away type grenade extinguisher


Formula Ampoule is an automatic fire extinguisher, specially developed as a part of fire protection systems for professional electrical equipment, without collateral damages, it can also be used in manufacturing plants to protect machines with electric motors and electric control unit.

It activates and extinguishes fire when the glass reaches the temperature of 150C, the glass ampoule automatically bursts open the dispered solution instantly extinguishing surfaces as coating which prevents re-ignition.

FORMULA Ampoule is designed for indoor use only, and it is suitable for classes’ of fire:A,B,F & electrical devices. No maintenance required for 10 years, and bioversal liquid is marked with economical Green leaf mark of Intertek Germany.

The Ampoule can be used in three different ways


Product Name Aumpoule Automatic Fire Extinguisher
Item Code MS201807160121
Product Model MSFF-01-01
Extinguishing Medium Bioversal ®
Medium Volume 580ml ± 5ml
Product Weight 1005g ±10g
Temperature Range 0o C ~ 90o C
Bursting Pressure 7Bar
Bursting Time 60~90S
Fire Glass A B F
Service Life 10 Years
Packing Box 368mm X 108mm X 91mm

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