About us

In the words of the Founder & CEO: Rohit Warrier

 Let us start from “About Me”, because only post that, “About Us” was born! Foreign origins not knowing Hindi, you may need a translator, however I will try and translate it wherever possible.

Better yet, to feel the fun of it, learn Hindi

I will try to be as subtle as possible with my language 🙂 however

Janhit me jaarihai (Disclaimer): No offence please

I can say stuff like, Warrier Electronics was started in 2010 with the modest aim of offering our clients with top notch service and unmatched value blablablablablabla..But let us cut the crap and be on point!

Indeed, Warrier Electronics was started in 2010; but why? Of course, kamaanekeliyeyaar (to earn money); why else huh. I would have rather started an NGO or still worked under a boss for the traditional reasons!

Anyway, the first three years from 2010 were cruel as I slogged my a** trying to sell whatever I could get my hands on!



Whatever I could!!!

However, failed in all of them!!!!

I thought this is what everyone does, so I would too, and I screwed up big time. On top of it, I could sell nothing. Big ZERO! Kya kare, Shanni sir pe thayaakkalghutne me, kuchsamajh hi nahi aa rahatha (I could not understand whether it was my destiny, or was I brain dead to not able to cross the line)

With no money and predictable future, loved ones left! (You know what I mean, right )

This was in ‘2012’! And it was literally like the movie 2012 too… the world coming to an end with paani sir keupar se (water above your head), (in this case just mine, and hence my company’s too).

Good thing, I did not borrow anything. (Ultimately, human ego- khuddkedamm pe and all those shitt). The game of valuations had not started yet, and start ups were still considered risky, un-reliable, fly by night operators! Revenue and profits still mattered very much than the valuations illusion.

It is difficult to believe, but as soon as loved ones left (again- you know what I mean, right ) tables turned in my favour. Two year old prospects converted into customers, and very important ones even to date (It is some time in 2020 and no clue when as all of us have been hibernating since the start of the year andI have very little idea of what month is going on currently. Ehh is it June? I think its July..My goodness, it is August already!! Vaccine aa gaya kya bhaai???? Bloody Covid19); however, It was not luck alone dude, it was also so much of hard work and struggle too. You see, fortune favours the brave.


Two more years down the line in 2014 I could say I no more as we had started to grow and I became WE as we needed installation support, service support blah bla blah. Thus I grew into WE!

Now we not only excelled in selling, but also servicing and supporting our clients in the shortest possible time frame, which was the missing element in the market. After Sales Service generally sucked throughout, but we made sure, we would not fall into this category of suckers failing to deliver service

This was 2015 and WE were now getting noticed. Yeahhh baby! Indeed we were not only by the clients but International manufacturers too. Thus, now, instead of buying our products from a domestic distributor, we were offered to buy it directly from the manufacturer. Thus, a promotion of its sort! Though with the cons! Importing stuff meant more cash reserves, more capital. But it also meant an exposure to the global market. Rather than looking at the negatives, our eyes popped at this opportunity with the glee of a child. We embraced the opportunity with all its glory and became Distributors of Firetrace International Ltd ourselves

It was 2017 and we noticed that, the industry in general wanted to comply and adapt to fire suppression systems, however, the high cost was a detrimental factor in their decision making and we were not able to penetrate the market as we had wished to.

Seeds of manufacturing an indigenous fire suppression solution were thus sown in our minds then!

By the end of 2018, along with the distribution of international brands, we had developed our own brand and make of fire suppression systems, so we could reach and penetrate all customers irrespective of their budget, thus helping promote more safety without compromising on quality either. We thought, there could be conflict of interest, however we realized that the market segment was quite broad and that one would not buy the other or vice versa. Basically, we were dealing with two different segment of customers having need of only either of them based on their internal compliance requirements.

By the way, we also exported our first consignment to Malaysia this year (2018) with an aim to be a global business and service provider.

Our strength from the beginning has been in Machine Tools industry, however we also diversified into other verticals such as Kitchen hood fire suppression systems in 2018in collaboration with AirfireWorlwide (Italy).

Our first recognition came in 2019 when we were recognised as a “Best Brand in the Metal cutting Industry” by The Economic Times. This was no doubt due to the reach and penetration we had achieved in promoting fire safety in the Metal cutting and Machine tool industry and needless to say, our happy clients.

At the heart of the company, lies its core values viz Excellence, Innovation, Integrity and Respect. These values not only translate into a niche & reliable product, but also in the way its team

reciprocates to client needs at every step. A company is only as good as its people & product; and its product reflects the quality, intelligence, and excellence of its people. We are proud to have a small yet efficient and reliable team of young guns, who innovate and excel in their own roles, day in – day out! Thus bringing a smile on our customer’s faces 😊

I would like to end it with a tribute to our current year of operation, which also happens to be a decade in business for us. 2020 has been a year full of learnings, transitions, changes, agility, volatility, stress, zoom, new normal, pre-covid, post-covid, lockdown, epass, social distancing, containment zones, red zones, janta curfew and a pandemic to remember.

With the hope of a vaccine in billions of minds, it is time to ponder whether God is just a myth!