Sippline Limited Edition

Tricolour Pack
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Sippline™ (Patent Pending) Sippline™ is a revolutionary invention in enhancing our personal hygiene levels in the way we drink in public places using commonly used glasses and mugs. Read More To know how ELECTRICAL PANEL Electrical Panel protect and organize the electrical wiring system of the whole building, which is by far the most fragile, and dangerous set of wires that encircle an establishment. Without electrical supply, Isn’t it wise to protect your panels with automatic fire suppression systems Read More CNC AND EDM MACHINES CNC And EDM Machines are the heart of any business organization, producing goods and generating revenue, lights out. Any downtime of a CNC machine is least afforded as it incurs heavy production losses. Isn’t it wise to protect your machines with automatic fire suppression systems Read More IT SERVER RACK Without arguments, it is an accepted fact that Data is king in today’s human ecosphere. Servers and Data storage racks being so critical and important, demands a fire protection system on them. Read More UPS BATTERY RACK UPS battery racks are one of the most hazardous, yet ignored locations in terms of a fire outbreak. A fire in a UPS Battery can have devastating consequences to any business organization Read More KITCHEN HOOD Kitchen hood is the most important equipment inside a kitchen, basically enabling chef’s cook delicious and sumptuous food, only because the hood extracts the smoke and heat out of the kitchen.

While it extracts the smoke out, it also does accumulate a lot of grease within them, making it fire prone.
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In the words of the Founder & CEO: Rohit Warrier

 Let us start from “About Me”, because only post that, “About Us” was born! Foreign origins not knowing Hindi, you may need a translator, however I will try and translate it wherever possible.

Better yet, to feel the fun of it, learn Hindi

I will try to be as subtle as possible with my language 🙂 however

Janhit me jaarihai (Disclaimer): No offence please

I can say stuff like, Warrier Electronics was started in 2010 with the modest aim of offering our clients with top notch service and unmatched value blablablablablabla..But let us cut the crap and be on point!  Read More …