Warrier Electronics started its operations in the year 2010 with the modest goal of serving and establishing themselves in the area of security and fire alarm systems as a vendor who can be trusted and relied upon. Margins are important to any organization. Even at Warrier Electronics, whose primary aim was service over profits, was facing a grave challenge of being extinct sooner than later due to very low margins because of downpour of low grade Chinese products. It was re-invent or face bankruptcy. Thus, started their journey with Firetrace.

Firetrace is a global revolutionary brand which pioneered the linear heat detection based fire suppression systems. Its products can be used to protect various business critical assets such as CNC Machines, Wind Energy Turbines, Server and UPS battery racks, LT and HT Panels, Transformers, Bus engines, Fume cabinets and many more from a dangerous fire hazard.

Warrier Electronics, currently only serves the Firetrace specific business segments, and has come out off the Security and Alarm system markets. Having said that, the motto of being a reliable vendor still persists and with the same motto in mind, has successfully and satisfactorily executed various Firetrace projects in and around Pune from the design stage to commissioning stage and further extending it to Annual maintenance contracts as well.

Last but not the least; ‘Rest Assured with Us’ – Warrier Electronics